Renting Or Buying A Franking Machine?

Franking machines are used in the paper industry. They help to speed up a large amount of operations by allowing people to input data and information into a computer system. A franking machine has a number of features which make them unique, however they are typically used for a particular type of document storage. A business that needs to have a franking machine on site will be required to pay for this service through their local supplier. The best franking machine rental services can be arranged through suppliers who specialise in renting machinery such as franking machines on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. It is possible to rent a machine on an as-and-when basis, however all arrangements should be made in advance to avoid disappointment if the machine is not available when expected.

If you are looking for a franking machine rental then the best place to start is with your local supplier. They will have a clear understanding of any operating issues which may arise during the working period. Franking machines are complex equipment and failure to follow specific procedures or instructions can cause serious problems which could affect the processing of documents or lead to damage to your machine. Therefore, a good supplier will ensure that you understand fully the set-up process and any potential problems before committing to any lease.

All major commercial suppliers of franking machines offer both onsite and offsite servicing. Offsite services include routine maintenance and minor repairs which can sometimes extend the useful life of your machine. Onsite servicing is usually carried out by a member of the supplier’s in-house staff. This is an excellent opportunity to gain a better understanding of how your franking machines operate and the best way to maintain it over the years.

For many businesses, the initial investment involved in leasing franking machines makes the cost more manageable than purchasing one outright. It also allows the company to consider the long term costs associated with maintaining an in-house machine. Most suppliers also offer a free onsite inspection which can give you an opportunity to identify any potential maintenance issues. This information can prove invaluable in allowing you to budget your new purchase better.

There are a number of factors to consider when comparing franking machine rentals with their in-house alternative. Firstly, do you require a high volume of signatures? If so, then you may be better off choosing a rental service where the monthly cost is higher. In addition, will your business need to use franking machines on a daily basis? If so, then your monthly cost may be impacted by the amount of signatures needed each day. Many suppliers recommend that you sign up for a one-year lease to avoid high monthly costs.

A good supplier will provide you with a detailed business plan outlining exactly how the machinery will be used over the long term. You should also be provided with complete information relating to the postage costs which will be incurred. Franked machines offer a simple and cost effective way to increase your customer traffic as well as save significant postage costs. Make sure that you choose the right supplier who can offer franking machine rentals at competitive prices so that you can fully benefit from this great business option.

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